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Clothes installation and performance, 21"x79"x12"


Part of the Mullet exhibition at the Anderson gallery


In a pile in the center of the room.

Lies all of the clothes I own as of the start of the exhibition (11/4/16).

All of the shirts, gloves, pants, socks, jackets and sweatshirts,

Are gathered into the shape of my silhouette.

At the start of the exhibition I remove my remaining clothes and put them in the pile.

I am now naked.

No one (including me) can touch any of the clothes in the pile for the duration of the exhibition.

I sign a contract that the Anderson gallery and VCU arts holds no responsibility over any inconvenience due to this.

People come in and look at the pile of clothes.

They avoid looking at me as I'm naked.

I go up to them and ask for clothes politely.

I find new clothes (hopefully).

This statement and the contract are left near the pile of clothes.

On the last day of the exhibition I come back clothed and place the new clothes I’ve gathered next to the pile.

I acknowledge that VCU arts and the Anderson gallery holds no responsibility for any inconvenience that may occur to me during the performance of the piece “All My Clothes” from 11/4/16 – 12/11/16.


Jason Ly