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Craigslist post on "missed connections" section and subsequently deleted, February, 2018

Craigslist has since deleted their personal ads section in March 2018, the missed connections still exists though.


Hi, I'm looking for a certain body.

I saw it out of the corner of my eye one day while exiting the grocery store (local).

A thick slice of the thigh half consumed and overlaid by another part, what appeared to be the base of an elbow, slowly exiting -or entering- a blue domed vehicle.

I'm really not talking about 2 separate pieces dis-attached, one on top of the other or adjacent. It was more like they inhabited the same physical space while shifting ever so slightly, a non newtonian fluid.

I'm not looking for the body of these parts but rather these parts of a body which form (and are) figure itself.

Please do not contact if you're a torso, like I said I'm looking for a specific part-build.

I've seen them before actually, I thought I recognized the forms from somewhere.

These are my parts.

I'd know them anywhere.

They're mine give them back give them back give them back.

They don't belong to you, you already have so many parts!

I can see you walking along with your non-natural perfections and imperfections alike giddily prancing with your precious "anatomy",

So many flailing smiling limbs,

So struck in total concentration,

So dumb and unaware in spring,

and summer

and fall.

Don't even look back at me with your stupid intact frame or I'll siphon off those leading bones and strings, and perfect wholeness will consummate us both.

My body is swiss cheese now, nothing inhabits the other parts. Nothing really could or can. Some corks and staples do the trick but its hard to say how long it'll last, if this post is still up then I'm still looking.

If this describes you (give it back you fucks) pls contact me with stats/photo and we can go from there.